@Ent Africa: #BBNaija- Cee-C made BBnaija 2018 rock -No Cee-c No BBnaija2018

The just concluded Big Brother Naija would have been doomed if not for the presence of Cee-C on the reality show. Her unique personality made BBNaija 2018 “Double Wahala” worth the while for numerous viewers.
Cee-C had described herself as “eye candy,” who is “mentally attractive” too. This indeed played out in the house as she really entertained viewers with her drama in the house.
She may have been controversial during the show, Cee-C proved that she doesnt take things lightly when people do what irritates her.

During one of her interviews, Cee-C promised to bring drama to the house and she proved that she could indeed sell BBNaija with lots of drama and authenticity she brought to the show.
Although many Nigerians hate her for her outbursts but the truth is that her drama sold the show to the public.
The controversial housemate, said she will never lose herself for anyone.
She said she did not lose herself in the reality show because she knew what she wanted to do all the time.
Cee-C said “No matter the situation or circumstance I will never lose my self.
“There were times when I thought changing myself will make people like me but I did not lose myself because I know what I wanted,” she added.
However, many Nigerians believed otherwise, some said her bad character denied her of the prize money while others claimed that her attitude reveals the battles many other viewers are fighting.
No doubts, many Nigerians who religiously followed the show had issues with Cee-C’s character while she was in the house, but in reality her attitude made many Nigerians vote during the show.
Although many wanted her out of the show by all means however her loyalists seem to have the upper hand as she was always up for possible eviction week in, week out and she survived them all.
For instance, against all the hate she garnered during the show, she still came 1 runners up, which proved her brand was really selling the show to viewers.
On the social media, also, many followers of the show expressed disappointment that she came second even after all the enemies she has attracted. This also proved that her brand was the major trend on social media.
However, some of her haters vowed not to vote in the 2019 edition, perhaps, because other finalists like; Nina, Tobi and Alex were all evicted later in the show before her, which made her the second on the show.
The entertainment she brought to the show makes many viewers monitored the show, everyone always anticipating the next drama from Cee-C, some specifically voted for other housemates just to see her out of the show which consequently made the show more popular.
Against all these backdrop, BBNaija 2018 would have been doomed if not for the presence of controversial housemate Cee-C on the show.

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