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Saturday, 25 May 2019

@Fadesewawrites: Life is hard I must say, To sleep a child and wake up a grown man??

Life is hard I must say,  To sleep a child and wake up a grown man?? To think I cannot tell my wife to be that I'm impotent!! Never!! The whole village will mock me.. But why??? But why did God decide to punish me like this?? I was only 25years I didn't know what I was doing was bad.  

Abike buttocks was as big as a blackboard,  her blossom were so rounded and it always calls me to come even when her brain and heart didn't accept me cause she was a young innocent girl. .. I thought it was the right thing to do.. Since she was so fond of me i decided to play with her a little, 

Now I'm in trouble!!! Oh my God.. Or did those blind twin sisters place a curse on me??? What will I do now!! I didn't rape them now.. I only played with their big fresh breast!!How will I tell my wife to be that I am a cursed man cause I toyed with kids I was supposed to be protecting from evil??? How??? SAY NO TO RAPE AND CHILD MOLESTATION!!!! 

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