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Thursday, 3 January 2019

In Bayelsa: Father Allegedly Kills Two Sons With Poison

In Bayelsa: Father Allegedly Kills Two Sons With Poison

A 42-year-old man in Yenagoa has been arrested by Bayelsa State Police Command for allegedly poisoning three of his sons, leading two the deaths of two of them.
The 42 year old man is known as Sunday Otas, who’s the biological father of the 3 kids, tricked his sons into following him into the bush and forcing them to ingest a strong insecticide.

According to Channels Tv, While two of the sons aged 10 and 12 died, the third who is 14 was able to crawl out of the bush after which he was spotted and rushed to the hospital.
It was when he regained consciousness on Tuesday, the day after he was taken to the hospital, that he narrated a shocking tale.

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His doctor said he informed the medical staff that his father had informed them that they were going to the church.

“Along the line, he told the bus (conveying them) to stop. They went into a bush and when they got there, with (the aid of) one other man, he tied them and forced them to drink sniper (a locally made insecticide).

His father, however, countered the narrative.
“I did not poison them,” he said, suggesting that somebody else might have.
“Maybe (it happened) on the way going back with Levi. If Levi has done such a thing to my children, I will not argue.”
The grandmother of the deceased said she has single-handedly taken care of the children from infancy up until last Saturday when they left the village with their father.
She said their deaths would hurt her till her dies.

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