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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Ent Africa: Female artist clash- Tiwa says I know I don’t have big buttocks, mind your business

Female artist clash- Tiwa says I know I don’t have big buttocks, mind your business

Tiwa Savage, has continued her fight with fellow top star, Yemi Alade on social media over the sizes of their buttocks.

Yemi started the fight when she took to her Twitter handle to throw shots at an unnamed person who according to her has been photoshopping her bum to deceive her fans on the social media.

Tiwa responded immediately on Instagram Story, saying, “Don’t start a war you cannot finish.
“Trust me I’m not the one. I’m quiet but don’t f**k with me.”
Tiwa later admitted that she does not have big butts, but maintained that every artist, including Yemi, edit their professional pictures.

She tweeted, “Oh and for the record I don’t know any artist that does not edit their professional pics, even if it’s too even out your skin on your album cover. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt on some real ish
“Going into 2019 although I’m quiet I’m going to try and speak my mind a little more.

“Let me clarify first of all that this is not a yansh war, I Kuku no get big yansh in the first place. It’s about minding your business
“I have never and will never judge any woman whether she has fake boobs, fake ass, whether it’s real or not. Whether she is short, fat, skinny because I don’t know what insecurities she deals with so I’d rather love her than condemn her.

“Ladies I love you whether your ish(buttocks) is real or not. After all wigs ain’t real Abi. Just make yourself happy and even when we make mistakes it’s ok.

“Bad energy pls stay away 2019, nothing you do will make God forsake you, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT. You are beautiful.”

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