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Thursday, 6 September 2018

News Africa : Prophet defiles 7-year-old Cameroonian girl, says its temptation

Prophet defiles 7-year-old Cameroonian girl, says its temptation
A prophet, Pentecost Ewa Usang has been arrested in Calabar Municipal in Cross River State for defiling an 8-year-old girl, Victory Goodness Sunday.
The Prophet who is said to be in charge of Christ Glorious Assembly in Calabar, Cross River State capital confessed to having been tempted of the devil to carry out the act but held himself back because he got back to his senses.
This he said after he was paraded by the commissioner of Police, Mr Mohammed Inuwa Hafiz.
He said, “I am here for the case of defilement; my name is Pentecost Ewa Usang, a prophet in Christ Glorious Assembly in Calabar.
“It was temptation that was about to happen but I realised myself and came back to my senses and saw it and I held back myself, I didn’t do it. It wanted to happen but I didn’t permit it to happen.
“I was very close to the girl and when it was about to happen, I came to my senses and I didn’t allow it to happen, the girl is from Cameroon,” he stated.

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