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Thursday, 24 May 2018

@News Africa: South Africa kidnappers demand $120,000 ransom in bitcoin

South Africa kidnappers demand $120,000 ransom in bitcoin
It was indeed shocking on Sunday when a criminal gang, which kidnapped a teenage boy reportedly demanded a ransom of nearly $120,000 in bitcoin cryptocurrency.
According to Police spokesperson, Leonard Hlathi, who said that the 13 years old boy, Katlego Marite, was allegedly dragged into a car while playing with two of his friends near his home in Witbank.
The said town of the boy is located in the eastern province of Mpumalanga in South Africa.
The Police Spokesman said, “They demanded that the family should deposit a sum of 15 bitcoins, not in rands,” he told news channel eNCA.
“(The parents) don’t even know what these bitcoins are. They are not dealing in those things. They are in tatters as we speak,” he said.
Although police in South Africa have reported a recent rise in kidnappings, the ransom demand in cryptocurrency appears to be a first in the country and possibly on the continent.

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