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Monday, 30 April 2018


I have always wondered why things don’t turn out the way we so wish. At times, we have great expectations at a very tender age but when we grow a little older, we realise its only a mere child’s dream.
Well, in all honesty, life is built in such a way that we’ll only keep asking questions, we’ll perhaps ask more than we can answer but in all, our hope is built on precepts laid down for us by our predecessor, in a way!
All that a man is, is his experience from, perhaps his background, and what he got exposed to in the course of his journey through life. However fast, we want things to be achieved, they will always play out in their own time.
We have been told, be serious, face your studies, pass your exams, get a very good result and you get a good job and get a very good life.
Well, some will say, that’s not their own case, as they were told something different, since their own path wasn’t in that line (I.e formal school education).
But, the same theme of idea is what we have, be serious, face what you are doing, and you will get what you so desire in the future.
First of, what is the future? There is nothing like that in reality, it is a myth. I know a lot will disagree with that, but come to think of it, has there been a day called future or tomorrow? It all exist in our imagination, they aren’t real. Yet we are always cautioned with the future or tomorrow.
The fears of the future makes us want to do things now and expect something in the time to come. The reality is that, the future is NOW!!! Most of the things we do now, all add up to what happens in the future so, you see, you need to focus less on the future but focus on now.
Life has proved that, it is really not about your expectations, it is about the realities of life.
Some persons are not prepared for what hits them. You say in your mind, if only I had the same opportunities as this person, I would definitely do better. But of a truth, you do have same opportunities as him/her but they come in different forms.
I had a dream while I was young, I wanted to become an accountant wearing well fitted suites. That’s all that appealed to me. However, I didn’t count the cost of getting chartered.
Today, that has changed, and I am a trained Mass Communicator. What has happened between my childhood dreams and the realities of now? It is reality.
Every dream comes with a price, if all you have is a dream without the ‘will power’ to make it happen, then you are just a joker. Because anybody can dream, it only takes the committed, determined, diligent, and passionate to achieve a great dream.
Meanwhile, dream is never enough. There are other factors that are added to it to make a dream an achievement.
For instance, to be a lawyer, you need to go to law school, it will be a joke to sit at home and ‘wish’ to be a lawyer, because wishing doesn’t achieve goals.
Also, environment is another factor. I have heard persons say that, your environment doesn’t matter, if you don’t have the right environment, then create one. As if that’s how Easy it is to create the right environment. Although, in some climes, it might be easy, while in Some others it is not as easy as it sounds on paper.
For a guy, who studied assiduously in the university hoping to give himself a better life as soon as he graduates only to come out and realise that he has not actually acquired the skills needed for real life survival. 
Assumptions are easy for those who came from a well to do background, it is easy for them just say, “if this ain’t working, then try that” because our ‘needs’ are different from their ‘wants’.
The real life is different from what we get to read in books and get the feel of fiction, but by the time you wake up from the charade of theories, and you get hit by the actual facts of life, you will know that, there is a wide difference between you and every other persons you see on the streets.
Schools will tell you, get a degree, get a better life, while life will tell u, get skills and get better life. Nobody is willing to pay you because you are pretty (except for models you may want to posit) people will only reward you for the value you can add to humanity. Every payment is tied to value added, physically or otherwise.
If the prediction of schools are correct, then, the best students in school should have been the richest in the world today. That speaks volume.
There are those who finish their university education at 21 and didn’t make anything meaningful out of their lives until they turn 27. While there are others who finished their higher education at late 25 and they have their break almost immediately.
The realities of life is that, every creature of God have his/her own time and clock. It would be very wrong to run with another person’s pace, you are not working with the same timing.
I am mostly marveled at the way people strife to be accepted by society, thereby doing things to please just about everybody they came across.
Meanwhile, the realities of life is that everyone should seek his/her own happiness provided it doesn’t cause pain to others.
I pity people who feel, amassing wealth that even their entire family members cannot exhaust is the best goal to set for themselves only at the expense of the joy of so many. Someone will say, life is never fair at any time. I agree, but every deliberate action that hurts the lives of people will get due rewards (law of karma).
In all this, let’s all, make our own future by ourselves, for ourselves and to put in mind that whatever, you might have heard from people regarding hopes and a great future, none will become reality, except you actively participate and keep your thought fresh every time.
The solutions of yesterday is not fit to solve the problems of today. As an individual, we must constantly renew our minds,  and put our hopes in God and in God alone, working hard towards the achievement of our dream and remembering to walk the talk!
The good God has sent the fishes but WE must dig the baits.
By Emmanuel Oyebade


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