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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

@NEWS : Popular actress Yvonne - obsession with her virginity

Yvonne Orji obsession with her virginity.
33 year old actress, Yvonne Orji, is a Nigerian American actress in Hollywood who plays the role of Molly, a major character in the HBOproduced hit TV series “Insecure” by Issa Rae.
Yvonne Orji’s plays as a single lawyer in the TV series, who has been through her fair share of men.
In real life, Yvonne Orji is a virgin. A virgin in the classical sense of the world.
“Virgin” in the sense that has never been with a man sexually. You might find this hard to believe seeing that Orji is never afraid to hit the bed in “Insecure”.
The actress has mentioned that her celibacy has to do with her strong faith in God and has vowed that she would not lose her virginity until her wedding night.
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