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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

NEWS : IGBONLA KIDNAPPING – We will strike again , Abductors speaks out.

We will strike again , Abductors speaks out.
Following the happy news of students abducted from igbonla epe been released after months of abduction when the parents were unable to reach the ransom asked to pay, the abductor threatings to strike again.
The group, under the aegis of Niger Delta Forest Army (NDFA) called on the Federal Government to grant them amnesty or they will be forced to cause mayhem.
General Bossman Koniwei ,The NDFA spokesman, said they kidnapped the Igbonla students to get the attention of the government.
General Bossman also said
“We wish to inform the federal government that we are prepared to drop our arms and embrace peace.
“But will be ready to face any force if we are continuously ignored. This is the last chance for permanent peace. We shall return deadlier if nothing is done.
“For years, the then PDP government’s amnesty Programme has been handled as a baby for the PDP boys to the exclusion of others, especially in those in Ondo State. None of our pleas was heeded by the authorities.
 “We have done this for years and we are satisfied that we have made our point.
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