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Sunday, 13 August 2017


                                            CLIQUE VIRAL
Clique viral is a boy band from Zambia with affiliates Karry Rocka, Micky Mee, Jerka96
and Triga Aladin. Currently signed under Red Castle (ShinkoBeats) for recording
purposes only. As a conglomerate, they have released 8 singles.

Right in the heart of lusaka was born clique viral in the year 2012 after meeting high
school, they are a boy band influenced by rap music and therefore does music in all
genres. They started touring studios midyear as an independent brand.

Upon releasal of the first three singles ”Mbeu zakudala”, ”Im on fire” and ”weulele” as
promo songs, and aired only on unza radio and attracted a positive response on the
station. Both singles were accompanied by videos, Am on fire aired on zambian national
television (Znbc) on a music show, 3.7 blaze. Mbeu zakudala aired on prime television
this brought a lot of attention but was only a peep of success to which they failed to pull
over because of lack of financial support.
They scooped an opportunity to do their first radio interview after a call from Dj Kate of
unza radio, later that month they were invited to perform at the 10th anniversary of Joy
fm party by Dj Flicker. They define Mbeu zakudala as the heart of clique viral.

Between this periods they only released one song called ”Galamukani” produced by
Shinkobeats it was during the recording session of this song where shinko spotted the
talent and decided to sign them under Shom C’s record label, ZeroDb. The song was
featured on many radio stations namely Hone Fm, Joy Fm, Unza Radio, Comet Radio,
Power fm and so on. They performed it at the Lusaka 100yrs show and at one of the
local shows organised by Komboni radio plus a few road shows. In the very year, they
had collaborations with one of zimbabwe’s rising Dance hall artist ”Donvert snippet”on
the cover of one of zambia’s top established female artist ”Mampi” (walilowelelela)

Midyear 2014, the conglemerate released a club banger ”parte parte” which rocked the
airwaves on heavy rotation and later crossed boarders. It was featured on the eternity
show with dj Ted in kenya also in Malawi and zimbabwe. Later on followed another
single called Abale produced by shinko beats which uplifted the status of the group with
radio interviews on almost all radio stations in the country. The hard work and consistency
of the group caught the eye of Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation
(ZNBC) to which they featured in an interview on one of zambia’s most watched show
Zedconnect with Mooka and Ken One. 8 months down the line saw the release of their
6th single dupped ”Play no games” which features fast rising rnb artiste Dimpo williams
which aired all radio staitons in zambia.
Play no games gained a positive response from people which forced the group to sign
a contract with ikonik media house to shoot a video for it so as to increase its reach.
Which was backed with a lot of shows from clubs to road shows. Their relationship with
established artistes grew. they appeared in Tiye p’s Badman’s video, as well as Koby’s
Hakuna matata video.
2016 they released their 7th single Mazyano which also features rising star Patrickel
inspector and was backed with alot of radio interviews, shows and also premiered in
switzerland on afro connection with Miss Bettyboo.The band boasts of collaborations
from zambia’s heavyweights such as F jay, Mumba yachi and Theresa N’gambi
They later signed a management deal with South African record label “Kamikazi
enternment” and pushed the brand to other audiences until the decline of the contract.
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