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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

NEWS : JESSE JAGS : Choc city dope rapper says exiting the label was a business strategy.

Choc city dope rapper Jesse Jags says exiting the label was a business strategy.
Further more, he said his will is to have a full control over his movement was why he had to relief himself from chocolate city label. its not all about the beef roumour said Jesse.
“There is nothing personal about me leaving Chocolate City; it was just a business move and it’s about me having more creative control over my work,” Jagz stated frankly.
On the aftermath of his departure from Choc City, the rapper revealed that he is preparing to release a new album in July titled “Odyseus”.
This will drop at the end of the month and would be released under his self managed label, Jagz Nation.
“I’m currently working on an album and I’m just putting final touches to it,” he said.
Read more at : https://goo.gl/apV4X5

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