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Monday, 17 July 2017

BLOG : *How do you love ,How should you love* (LOCAL AFRICAN REALITY)

How do you love ,How should you love*
The key thing is understanding what the word “love” means and what it totally entails ..
Many people ask questions like ,
– I have given all why does he not love me anymore ?
– Can someone actually fall out of love ?
– love is not real ,is it ?
The answers to these questions may depend on your understanding of what love is. How to practice it and majorly what it entails .
However, there is no real answer to these questions because  love comes differently to different people. there are some constant facts about love, these facts may assist to ascertain what you  feel towards another individual.
There are so many keys to loving ,these keys should fall in place for you to understand the steps to love ..
Many of us just believe your love for a particular individual is based on availability of that person
Some believe in lust for the flesh and even a few are driven just by materialistic features and mindset..
*The keys*
Communication- which is the number one .helps identify who the person really is.communication brings you closer to  you partner and helps you with how d individual thinks, while sex clones the individuals person, it clouds  your thoughts and blinds you from all the important attributes you should see and analyze.
Without communication there is nothing to understand because you barely know the individual. However if your communication is solid then you will see both the good the bad and the ugly, you will know the person you are with not the outer shell that is shown to all and sundry. It is from here that trust brews, you now know the person’s limit, an at this point you are beginning to understand the persons character and attitude, what makes the person thick.
Understanding/knowledge of the individual which is derived from the initial key..
Attraction in which the way you see the person should be that which will soothe you always ..
Mutual affection – the feelings should be a give and take ,even if its not equal..
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