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Monday, 15 May 2017

BLOG : * The container and the content *

Beauty is the most misunderstood and misinterpreted word alongside love. Most humans often never see beyond the body... Yes, the container whilst the real beauty is the content... The insides, what everyone refers to as the mind, soul and heart. As myopic as humans are, most never see beyond the container(the body), the physical curves and features, forgetting the best party of the beauty is that which no picture can express.

I will like to reinstate my theory which states "The putter beauty attracts but the inner beauty captivates". If the saying "love is blind" is actually meant in the literal sense, then am guessing no one will ever love better than the blind thus it's deeper than the physical. Unfortunately, most humans only see the body we carry to and fro, the one that gets tired and weary, the one that can be rebranded as often as we blink. If only we could see the light that radiates from every pair of eyes, the one the psychologists call the human aura, then and only then can we begin to phantom the true meaning of beauty. That true beauty from within that keeps you in love even when all biological factors are against you.

It is true that it's not so easy to see some people's true beauty as some people are quite esoteric but everyone single human longs to pour their insides to someone or certain people. It is safe to say we are all in search of that "safe haven", that place that shows you it is okay to be you and pour out all your insides. Some find this safe haven in love, others in friendships and most in family.

Having said, inner beauty is about the soul, mind and heart and not your looks or whatever you portray. Although wise humans always see past the physical and try to connect with the inner you but it is also essential to build on your physical too. So evaluate your inner man, create that beauty in you and let your true aura shine bright

    Kitan Faleye

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